Welcome and thank you for visiting Diane Downs Photography! Without you, this site wouldn't be possible and for that I am forever grateful.

My goal is to help you understand all the dials, knobs and buttons on your camera so you can create the images you envision. The camera is a tool used to tell your unique story, visually.  It's by making the mechanics of using the camera second nature that we can then dive deeper into what we are trying to convey, and create authentic photos of what matters most.  When our brain is free from having to think about how to create a photo, it's open to explore why. Please know that what matters most to you today will not be what matters most to you in one years- five years- or ten years-time and that's just as it should be. As we change, grow and evolve, so does our story and the way we choose to tell it.

When presented with my first camera as a teen, a Disc for those of you that remember the 80's, my story revolved around friends and sunsets at the beach. When I married and we started a family, I knew that forever going forward, family was going to be what matters most. The depth of my love cannot be expressed adequately with words. Ten years ago I was knee deep in diapers, legos and matchbox. My story then was playgrounds, everyday life, and flowers. As we have all grown in this house, my story has evolved to include a little less of the kids, a little more of Disney World and a renewed love of nature. Today I'm obsessed with light and capturing the tiniest of details that often go unseen.

No matter what stage you're at, in your life's journey or your photographic journey, I hope you find value in the pages of this website. I hope that the knowledge provided here helps you to create authentic images of what matters most to you as you continue on your path.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me either through the blog comments or through the contact me form on the About Page to provide feedback or to ask questions.

I am glad you are here!


The Blog

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The blog is separated into three topics:

  • Photo Tips - to help you make photos of what matters most
  • Photo Organization - because there are so.many.photos
  • Storytelling - to help you tell your unique story


  • Embark on a 52 week photography journey. 
  • Learn how to organize all of the photos - digital, physical and heritage


Stories from my life in the hopes that sharing will help you to tell the stories from your life