Live With Your Photos aka: Reasons to Print

QTT 2016-06-28 Live With Your Photos.jpg

The longer you live with your photos live and in person, not on a computer screen, the stronger your photography becomes. You notice that an area of focus is too soft, or there is a sensor spot that didn't get removed during post processing. With each passing, you see something great. Your work. Live. You get new ideas for changes in settings you can use or another photo that you can take next time. You notice patterns and develop a grouping of photos into a collection. You begin to see yourself as the artist you are. You question, asking the 'what ifs' which enables you to continue to grow and learn. I have a gallery of my photos hanging above my dining room table. At each meal I gaze up at the photos. Every time I look at the photos, I see something new. My gallery is super inexpensive, made with some nails, jute and mini clothespins. Other options available are to have photos framed, or put up a picture ledge from Ikea and print off some photos at Artifact Uprising. Print your photos. Live with them. You'll be glad you did!