Benefits of Semi-Manual Modes


Not quite ready to make the leap to full manual mode? Try one of the semi-manual modes! Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes give you creative control over the aspect of the photo that matters most to you. In a semi manual mode, you can set the aperture and ISO and the camera will choose the shutter speed that is appropriate for the conditions. Or if you choose the shutter speed and ISO, the camera will choose the aperture. Before you capture a photo, think about what you want your photo to look like. Say to yourself "I want a blurry background" or "I want to freeze my daughter jumping." Once you've determined your intention, you can pick the mode that is best suited for your photo. For example, is your subject moving? Choose shutter priority. Are you looking for a nice blurry background? Choose aperture priority. By concentrating on one aspect of the exposure triangle (shutter speed or aperture) you will become a master in that area, bringing you one step closer to manual mode! Thanks so much for stopping by. If you liked this post, please use the share buttons below.

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