Straighten the Horizon for Better Photos Instantly!


One simple change you can make to your photos that will have the greatest impact is to ensure that your lines are straight. Examples include a horizon, a building, trees or a fence. Getting it right in camera is ideal. Several camera models include an internal level. Canon cameras that have the internal level allow you to overlay the level on the LCD while using live view. If you don't have an internal level, you can purchase an after market level that attaches to the hot shoe on Amazon for less than $15. Alternatively, you can adjust the photo in post processing. All post processing software, including cellphones, have the capability to straighten. Often it's coupled with the crop tool. Keep in mind that if you are straightening in post processing, the photo will be cropped and the detail on the outer edges of the photo will be lost. Once you see how easy it is, you'll never post a photo with a crooked horizon line again! Thanks so much for stopping by. If you liked this post, please use the share buttons below.

With gratitude, always.

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