How to Remove Spots with Lightroom

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No matter how well you care for your camera and lenses, chances are good that you have spots on your sensor or lens that become visible on your image. Nothing is more frustrating than editing your image to perfection, only to notice a spot after printing. If you use Lightroom for your photographic organization and editing needs (which I highly recommend) there is a feature that was introduced in LR 5 that will make removing spots in your photos uber easy. The days of squinting and increasing the screen to 100% and scrolling methodically through the entire image to look for spots are over! My friends, meet the Visualize Spots Feature!

Following is an image I took of Cinderella's castle with lots and lots of white space. Because white space makes me happy. With all that blue sky, there is no room for error, or spots. As you can see, there is one spot upon close inspection. I know, you're thinking I'm some kind of nut. The spot is barely visible. However, this photo is my desktop background. The spot annoys the living daylights out of me! The visualize spots feature is going to show us this spot and three more.

How to Remove Spots with Lightroom

Open the Develop Module:

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Click on the spot removal tool:

How to Remove Spots with Lightroom

Check the "Visualize spots" box down on the bottom left of the screen:

How to Remove Spots with Lightroom

The photo is now shown in a high contrast black and white, similar to infrared. In this mode, it's clear to see all the spots left on the image by dust, dirt or grime.

How to Remove Spots with Lighroom

Simply click the spot removal over each area and it will select a location nearby to replace the spot with. Easy as pie!

How to Remove Spots with Lightroom

This my friends, is a game changer. Incorporate the Visualize Spots Feature into your editing workflow today!

How to Remove Spots with Lightroom

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