The One Reason Why You Should Print Your Photos

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There was a time when we were forced to have our photos printed. We would capture good times with friends and family with our pocket cameras or 35mm slr's and then send the film off to a lab for developing. Often, we'd get doubles to share.

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That time I celebrated a birthday and my neighbor Kathy couldn't stop giggling. 

We would gather around when the envelopes were opened to see how the pictures came out, laughing or expressing disappointment in a particular photo. Those photos would be placed in the envelopes they came in, boxes, fabric decorated albums or scrapbooks to look back on for years to come.

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That time I got a Mickey ride-on toy and became a total terror in the house, crashing into everything.

So many of my early childhood memories are connected to printed photos. Printing helps us to remember and relive moments. If your photos capture happy memories, you're helping to burn those memories in, to be later retrieved in times of crises or at family reunions; thereby creating more memories of love and laughter.

You see where I'm going with this, right?

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That time we went to Disney World and I fell in love.

Our children should have the same positive reinforcement we had to help build them up. Their happy memories need to be burned into their brains. They need to feel that they belong and they are loved. That happens when they see us show off a great photo of them, exclaiming how cute they are. We can't do that if the photos are on the computer. Sure, we share on social media like Facebook and Instagram, which is great. Physical prints tacked onto the fridge is better.


That time at the end of a long day at Epcot when Eric held Makenna in his lap during the fireworks show.

Am I saying that if you don't print your photos that your kids will be maladjusted derelicts destined to get in trouble? Of course not. That's just silly. But during a penny print sale, wouldn't you agree that it would be great to stack the deck in their favor? Everyone benefits from a boost in confidence from those they love. It's the simple, everyday moments that matter.


That time Makenna and Melissa carved pumpkins with Grandma Reilley.

We take so many more photos now than ever before. I'm not saying they all need to be printed; that would be mayhem.


That time we went to Canada and Eric held a stick bug that was bigger than his hand.


This weekend, sit down with your phone and select your best photos from the past year and tag them as favorites. Do the same with the photos on your computer, copying them into a favorites folder. Don't get lost trying to organize your photos. Now is not the time. Quick and fast, going on instinct. "I LOVE this photo!!" Favorite it. You can do this in less than an hour.


That time Chris and Jesse did a mud run. 

Upload them to a photo lab for printing. Have doubles printed for sharing. There are so many great options for printing your photos. Snapfish and Shutterfly often have penny print sales. You can upload photos directly from your phone to Persnickety Prints. They'll print standard size photos, as well as Instagram and 3x4's.

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That time I printed all my favorite photos from 2015.

When your photos arrive, tack them to the wall, magnet them to the fridge, put the great ones in frames. Exclaim how cute your kids are.

Repeat monthly.